8 major theatres in Estonia subscribed to the next AIRE release

With the extensive release of AIRE V2 in January 2020, all of the larger theatres in Estonia are managed with our SaaS platform.

They got the best solution available for stress-free performances:
– Smart planning with more than a dozen automated helpers in resource management
– Interactive kiosks and mobile schedule access for their staff, performers and guests

And much-much more!


January 2020

SALME cultural center Venue management

SALME cultural centre joined our SaaS management plan as another receiving venue. Welcome!


ERSO Symphony Orchestra players book their rehearsal rooms themselves

The musicians at the Estonian National Orchestra are able to book their 10 rehearsal rooms online both from AIRE self-service kiosks (present at the venue) and via the web at home or on mobile devices. The system is also integrated with the venue’s security system, allowing staff easy-access in-and-out of the premises.

All this enables maximum efficiency in managing the high usage of rehearsal spaces at the Estonian National Orchestra and further contributes to improved performances on stage.

E 22,08.2018

Tallinn City Theatre's digital check-in

Tallinn City Theatre door access system was connected to AIRE with 2 check-in  diaries for the actors deployed onto the entrance desks.
Now, whenever an artist enters the building, stage manager gets to know this via the systems and the show can be started. 


May 1st, 2018

Digitalization @ Russian Theatre

Happy New Year! Vene Theatre decided for AIRE in October. Preparations for the launch of the solution to all employees is underway, estimated golive end of January.


Welcome, Theatre Endla!


October 1st, 2015

Please meet our team!

Among us you find musicians, a marathon runner, a triathlete and many other dedicated individuals - half of us have received "with distinction" diploma from different schools/universities.

And yes, we are long time threatre fans - our engagements with theatres started 20 years ago.

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