Contemporary Theatre Management

Theatre management and daily operations can be improved by contemporary digital information system.
We develop and run these solutions for you.



Planning and Scheduling

* Repertoire and statistics
* Granular digital calendar - general plan, calendar for large troups, (Orchestra, Chorus, Ballet)
* Drag and drop multi-year repertoire planning
* Rehearsal reservations
* Roles management
* Change log and access rights system
* Double bookings protection

Performance management

* Attendance registration and report
* Stage manager cockpit
* Technical department resources
* Rooms and non-stationary administation

Digital calendar and Intranet

* Intranet at wall kiosks, PC-s and mobile devices
* Contactless authentication with Rfid/NFC cards
* Personalized workplan
* Contact information and automated birthday display
* Digital applications (eg. vacation application)


* Web-based software and hardware solution
* Drag and drop calendar
* Responsive design - touch-friendly for large wall mounted kiosks and smartphones.
* Registries and document databases are full-text searchable
* Integrations (REST, XML) - accounting, entrance systems, web, ticketing system.
* Hosting in cloud or onsite

Technical Platform


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